Q 1. Combining hit video games, merchandise and TV series, Pokémon ranks as the best selling media franchise of all time. Pikachu may be the company’s mascot, and Bulbasaur may be the first in the Pokédex, but which creature has the distinction of being the first ever designed?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 1


Q 2. Smash Bros. allowed players to live out their dream matchups by having Nintendo characters from across franchises take each other on in hand-to-hand combat. Which of these characters has always featured as a playable character since the first game in 1999?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 2

Princess Zelda

Q 3. Nintendo has gained worldwide renown for its gaming franchises and consoles. However, this was not its purpose when the company was established in 1889. What did they originally manufacture?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 3

Board Games
Pinball Machines
Playing Cards

Q 4. Despite many critics calling it the greatest game of all time, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple has gained notoriety due to its frustrating mechanics, which involved raising and lowering the water levels by playing a song on your ocarina. Which of these in-game songs did you need to play to achieve this?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 4

Serenade of Water
Song of Time
Zelda’s Lullaby
Song of Storms

Q 5. Nintendo has not been shy in the past from working with other companies to produce content for their systems. Which console was originally planned as a CD add-on for a Nintendo system?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 5

Sega Saturn

Q 6. Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo’s first huge hits in the video game industry, but its critically acclaimed follow-up title, Donkey Kong Country, was developed by an independent games studio. Which critically of these critically acclaimed studios was it?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 6

Square Enix

Q 7. Despite its success throughout the years, taking risks has also left Nintendo with its shares of flops. Out of the following, which was the games console that sold the least amount of copies worldwide?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 7

Game & Watch
Wii U
Virtual Boy

Q 8. Much more common than the flops, however, are the smash hit titles. Which of these is the best-selling title in history exclusive to Nintendo systems?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 8

Mario Bros
Wii Sports
Mario Kart Wii
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Q 9. Nintendo has been a trailblazer in many aspects of the gaming world, including the launching of the kart racing genre with Mario Kart. Which of these characters was NOT a playable character in the original game for SNES?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 9

Donkey Kong Jr.
Princess Peach

Q 10. Despite Nintendo’s scores of memorable characters, none is more iconic than their mascot, Mario. Which of these games was not originally released internationally because Nintendo felt the game would be too difficult for fans outside of Japan?

Quiz Toro Nintendo Quiz Question 10

Super Mario All-Stars
Yoshi’s Island
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Bros. 2
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